Sunday, March 9, 2008

To satisfy an itch!!

Ever had an itch that could drive you mad? I've recently experienced firsthand the feeling of wanting to scratch and scratch and when I found no relief...the thought of literally pulling my skin off... didn't sound so bad. So I've decided to post some of my personal favorite natural remedies for itching.

Let's first start with the basic 101 on our skin. Its the largest organ of the body, it is part of the eliminative systems (ie kidneys,colon,lungs and tada the SKIN) so when something is being manifested on the skin it's usually the body's way of saying "none of the other channels are doing their job, so "I" will use the skin to clean out the dirt ("toxins")" Good to know that the "itch" is not the problem but merely a symptom. So what can you do?

1st -- Drink more water!! (Distilled or filtered is best)

2nd -- Add good fats to the diet to keep the skin moist (olive oil, nuts, avoca
do, my favorite is an oil blend called Udo's Choice it has all the omega's 3 6 9)

3rd -- It could be a reaction to chemicals in your soap, laundry detergent,lotions,etc. (Its best to use natural or organic products)

Everything we put on our skin is absorbed into our blood stream so it's important to keep those products clear of chemicals. Read labels and avoid Parabens, Glycol,Mineral oil, Talc (truly if you don't know what it is then do
n't use it) to find out the safety of a product this is my favorite site

So, now you've tackled the basics. Let me share my story. I was in my third trimester of pregnancy when it all started. THE ITCHING thigh syndrome is what I like to call it. My thighs just itched but there was so no rash or
bumps or anything just itchy skin. My midwives and I thought it might just be my body trying to cleanse through the skin or a yeast overgrowth from too much sugar. I couldn't exactly do any fasting cleanses, so I'd have to just bear it, was the conclusion. I started watching what I was eating to see if that was causing the problem...but it didn't seem to make a difference. It was always worse at night, around bedtime. I started asking everyone but no one seemed to know what it could be from. Then my little girl was born and it seemed to cease. Hallelujah!! It sure fooled me, about a month later it returned. I spoke to a friend who is going to Naturopathic school. She though it could be from the skin stretching during pregnancy and the lack of circulation to my thighs. AAhh!!

I reached for my essential oils and found an oil blend call Vitality that is great for circulation. When I get out of the shower, I add a few drops of it to my lotion and apply it to my thighs and finally finally I've found relief. However, I know this is not the cure....I still need to get up and moving. A few nights a week I consider myself a couch potato, when our shows are on. The nights I spend sitting on the couch, I usually have some itching, so I reapply again before bed.


Michelle said...

Awesome Jill! I'm so glad you are doing this. I'm sure I will be learning a ton!! Keep em' coming.

Crowther Clan said...

YAAAA!!! Thank you so much for starting this blog. Im SOOO excited. Im sure I will still have to call you with random questions but this blog will be so helpful! I can't wait to read more!

Phillip & Deneigh said...

You don't know me but a friend of a friend told me about your blog because my husband and I are making some healthy lifestyle changes and I was just wondering if maybe I could email you a few questions. My email is Thanks.