Friday, May 22, 2009

Clean it Green

Whether you're doing it for the environment or to save a little cash or both. The hype is to go GREEN and here's one way you can join the crowd. I try to make cleaning as fun as I possibly can that way, I don't dread it when it needs to be done. The essential oils help to boost my mood with the added bonus of keeping all the chemical garbage out of our home. They not only smell so yummy but have wonderful antibacterial/anti fungal/disinfectant properties as well. Steer clear of toxic products they can lead to all kinds of allergies and health conditions. When all is said and done, I must say "A Clean house is a Happy house." Its really as simple as it sounds too!

Floor Cleaner: I love Dr. Bronner's Castile liquid soap.(Now available at Target in the beauty section with other wonderful natural and organic products) I usually buy the unscented and use in my baby wipes but it also comes in great scents with pure essential oils. You can even brush your teeth with this stuff. I mix about 1tbsp with some water in a bucket and then add 1/2 cup of vinegar and whichever *essential oil I'm in the mood for. Then I cut up two cloth rags from old shirts. After I sweep the floors, I put on some tunes and kick off my socks and skate around on the rags until the floor is sparkly clean.
* I use "heart song" or "sunburst" from

Carpet Cleaner: Choose any size container and mix 2 cups of Baking Soda with 8-10 drops of essential oil of choice. (I love peppermint, mostly because I am terrified of spiders(also works for ants) and this is a great one for repelling them.) Then sprinkle onto carpet and vacuum up. It leaves the whole house smelling wonderful and deodorizes the carpet.
* Also try putting a few drops of essential oil on a small cloth and placing inside your bagless vacuum cleaner compartment, this will also make the house smell fresh as you vacuum.

Windows/Mirrors Spray: Mix equal parts of water and vinegar. Then spray and wipe clean with newspaper for a streak free view.

Room Freshener Spray: Fill a spray bottle with water and add 10-12 drops of *essential oil. It freshens/deodorizes the room or (bathroom at our home, we keep this one under the sink) It can also disinfect the air(depending on the essential oil you choose) if someones been sick so we don't spread any sick bugs to anyone else.
* I use an essential oil blend form called "holiday spirit" or "deliverance"
or "purify"

Fabric Sheet: I love to freshen my clothes with my own concontion of essential oils. I use a natural cotton cloth with a few drops of what smeels good and toss it in the dryer with my laundry.
*Lavender is my favorite!!

Toliet bowls: Sprinkle with baking soda and scrub with toliet brush.

Showers & tubs: Mix baking soda and liquid laundry detergent(I use earth friendly products brand lavender scent) until you have paste consistency(similar to soft scrub at the store) then srub-a-dub that dirty bathroom tub!

( I order my soaps from Vitacost it's a great online store for earth friendly products at a great price with only $4.99 shipping rate on any size order)


BECKY and DAVID said...

I just love you!! Thanks for putting all this info on your blog for all of us Jill-admirers. You're so wonderful too share your knowledge, advice, and tips for healthy living!!!

Amy Jason said...

Just wanted to tell you that I love your blog and info! You do such a great job Jill. I love the cute simple look of it. Im so glad you're posting lots again!

leah said...

You really are so wonderful. As always love this post.

Kascia and Travis Lybbert said...

JILL! I am so sad I just have discovered this blog of yours. I have been trying to check your old blog, but it seems you don't have it anymore, or somehow the address has been messed up from my blog. ANYWAY, when you posted a comment on my blog, I was able to track this blog down!! YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I'd been checking in on this sooner! I've really been missing out! But I will now be a VERY FREQUENT visitor on this blog! Thank you so much for all the tips! LOVE THEM!

And YES, I had my little girl at the birthing center. And it was so wonderful. The same midwifethat deliverd my little boy, Asher, delivered her also. She only works twice a month so it was quite amazing that I that happended. A first for her. I LOVE HER TOO! Anyway, I'm feeling great, and will be feeling even greater now that I've found your blog!! Hope you're doing well. Let me know your other blog addresses so I can change the ones I have! Take care! Say hi to Adam!

Erin said...

jill, i would like to call you, but don't have a ward directory. can you email me your phone number?

this is erin who moved in the ward a month ago. i talked to you at the branch president's house.