Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Can't catch me

It happened, our 5 months of wellness finally caught up to us. Haven came down with her very 1st cold. It's so sad to listen to her trying to breathe through her congested little nose and cry with the phlegm gurgling in the back of her throat....if only I could take it all away. I am amazed that through it all she has still managed to keep a smiley happy face. I thought I'd share with the other blogger mommies out there what we've been doing to find relief.

Dr Christopher's Kid-e-Well drops: We are a huge fan of these. Its good stuff for little ones and a great alternative to Tylenol. Its a an herbal combination to help the body fight with its one immune system....it doesn't just cover up the symptoms. I give her about 1/4 of the recommended dose twice a day, because she's just little. She doesn't quite like the taste so I mix it with her gripe water.

*FYI Gripe water is ginger and fennel and has a sweet taste. It helps soothe tummy aches,colic,discomfort from teething and hiccups. Its a must have for all households with new little ones.

Butterfly Express "Breezy" Essential Oil Blend: This oil blend is awesome for opening up nasal passage ways and finding relief from aches associated from colds and flu. I love the smell too!! I mix 2-3 tbsp of almond oil with one drop "Breezy". Then I use it as a massage oil on her back and feet. I'll do this in the morning after she gets dressed and at night when she is going to bed.

Humidifier: I have a cool mist humidifier that I add 10-13 drops of "Breezy"too. I turn it on whenever she is sleeping (naps and bedtime). The moisture and oil in the air really help open up her nasal passageways and help her breathe and sleep better.

Steamy bathroom: The steam is just another way to help open everything up and keep the air moist so she can breathe.

Lots of mama's milk, cuddling, kisses and sunshine!! I know its all I can do and that she'll get better!!


leah said...

Thanks Jill, this is a great post. We love the kid-e-reg. It works really well and when Haven is a little older we really like Source Naturals, Wellness cough syrup. Thanks again. sorry she is sick I HATE when our kids our sick. Its a must for them to develop strong immune systems though.

Erin & Jordan Spencer said...

Awesome! Thanks for the tips!

Kascia and Travis Lybbert said...

THANK YOU JILL!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU! I am so happy to see this blog. I saw it off Leah's! I hope you keep giving many tips! I'll be checking you blog often! Hope all is well with you and Adam and Haven!

The Hollands said...

thanks for sharing all of this info jill! SO GOOD TO KNOW! you are my hero. also, i saw some adam's art that the oh sweet sadie boutique. WOW! he is so talented. i loved his pieces.

Adam and Tiffany said...


Thank you for all of the tips, keep them coming! Thanks for letting Adam help out, I was seriously clueless. I'm sure he thought I was nuts when I called & said Hi this is Jill's friend Tiffany! Thanks!

Marcy said...

Jilb -
Good stuff - I'm going to call you next time one of the kiddos has something. It's so hard when you feel like you can't give them anything. Glad we got to hang out the other night.