Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Colors of the Rainbow

Growing up my mom always wanted to add more color to the dish she was preparing. It really did make it look more mouthwatering. I mentioned in the last post about a book titled "Naturally Healthy First Foods." I loved that the author broke foods down to colors and encouraged the reader to fill their shopping cart with a "Colorful Mosaic of Foods." It was helpful when shopping to try to pick something from each group. Here's the breakdown:

beets tomatoes strawberries watermelon cherries raspberries apples

carrots sweet potatoes oranges squash peaches yams mango

corn bananas pineapple yellow bell peppers yellow plums

broccoli cucumber green pepper zucchini peas avocado leafy greens

blueberries grapes raisins figs

plums blackberries eggplant

onions cauliflower garlic parsnips


leah said...

Thanks Jill. I love this post. Did you get the e-mail about how certain foods help certain parts of the body? I will forward it just in case. xoxox

BECKY and DAVID said...

You're fabulous! Can you just do all my shopping and cooking? Serious though, I love your posts!

Cardiff Family said...

I sure wish I would have had the twins AFTER you had Haven. Now I'm getting all your good advice after it's too late! We all LOVE St George! If Rich can find a job up there we will move there. If you guys ever hear of anything let us know. The only thing I'm not sure of is the schools. Does Adam know how they are?