Thursday, May 14, 2009

Clean Sweep

"Spring" is a time to clean out the dusty corners of life and let the sun shine in. What about a bit of detoxifying on the inside too? Over time waste accumulates in those corners of the body. I've had lots of questions about cleansing and detoxing. Here's some answers and guidelines to follow.

Is your body becoming toxic? Signs your body might be telling you it's had enough:

Headaches/Back and joint aches
Respiratory problems
Food and environmental sensitivities
Poor digestion
Brittle hair and nails
Weight gain (unexplained over 10lbs)

**Please use caution before doing any kind of a detox. If you are pregnant or nursing, or if you have any serious health conditions, consult your physician first.


What you will need:

* 2 Quarts Prune Juice ( I like the California Sweet brand you can find
it at Smith's or just any brand that doesn't have added ingredients)
* 9 oz Extra Virgin Olive Oil
* 3 Gallons Juice of Choice only choose one and use that for the entire
three days (Apple, Grape, Carrot, Tomato))
(I use R.W. Knudsen organic apple, but you could make your own
in a juicer or vita mix, whatever is easier)
* 3 Gallons Water (Distilled is best or Reverse Osmosis)


-- Each morning drink 16 oz Prune Juice (Drink more throughout the
day if you feel constipated)

-- Following the Prune Juice (1/2 hr after), drink 8 oz. Juice of
Choice (apple, carrot,grape,tomato, remember only choose one)

-- Following Juice (1/2 hr after), drink 8 oz Water

-- Take 1-2 TBSP Olive Oil three times a day (I usually do this at meal
times I consider it my food) (If a TBSP is too hard, just take as much as you can)

You will be rotating the juice and water every 1/2 hr for the entire
day and follow this for each day.

Depending on what juice you choose you can eat a fruit/veggie that
corresponds, around the evening time.....i.e. apple juice eat 1
apple, carrot juice eat 1 carrot

You'll be in the bathroom quite a bite the first day so keep that in
mind.... If you keep up on the juice and water each 1/2 hr. you
really shouldn't feel hungry but at night you'll be
feeling tired. The second day is usually the hardest because you'll
start to feel weak, but if you can just stay focused and get through
it, then the last day you'll know you can do it! The fourth day be sure
and keep the food light and still drink plenty of fluids. Food will
taste so good!! I really noticed a difference in how I felt after and
it was worth it.

This cleanse should flush 3 gallons of toxins from your system!!!

Eating lots of fresh fruits/veggies are a great way to
keep the body cleansing. Let me know how it goes.

Good Luck and Happy Fasting!!!

Benefits to expect:
- Energy level is increased
- Less cravings for sweets and fats
- Improved digestion
- Weight loss ( a few pounds)
- A fresh start to change bad habits

*Info gathered from Linda Page's "Healthy Living" and Dr Christopher's Three Day Juice Fast


The Soto Crew said...

Thank you for explaining this! I just stopped nursing and was wanting to do something like this but just haven't done the research and you did it for me! Thanks! I miss you terribly. I think of you often and smile:) All my love!

Fall.Down.Tree said...

thanks babe!!